CD Sets

These spiritual enrichment resources are available in 6-CD sets, and include free teaching outlines available for download. For a summary of each workshop see the seminar descriptions.

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Connecting With God Teachings Overview
Living in Holy Fear – Outline
Memorization and Meditation – Outline
the Significance of Total Surrender – Outline
Pleasing or Trusting God – Outline
“Do you Love Me?” – Jesus – Outline
Becoming Both a Moses and Joshua- Outline

Deepening Our Passion for God Teachings
Developing Our Spiritual Root System – Outline
Listening to God – Outline
Journaling for Intimacy with God – Outline
Spiritual Warfare – Outline
Living Counter-Culturally – Outline
Fasting 101 – Outline

Living Out Our Passion for God Teachings
Divine Appointments – Outline
Praying For Our Mission Fields – Outline
Personal Worship – Outline
Solitude – Outline
Our Need for Self-Control & Self-Discipline – Outline
Spiritual Leadership vs Ministry Leadership – Outline

Developing a Jesus-Based Character Teachings
Developing “Jesus-Based Character” and Jesus’ Integrity – Overview
The Character Qualities of:
– Responsibility and Diligence – Outline
– Deference and Meekness – Outline
– Compassion and Justice – Outline
– Discernment and Alertness – Outline
– Humility and Self-Control – Outline



To order by mail download the products order form, print and mail.