The purpose of the going deeper seminar is to encourage people to deepen their passion for God through prayer and other spiritual disciplines.  I do not use guilt as a motivation to encourage people to participate in the spiritual disciplines.  Instead, I try to show people what an awesome God we have and to explain how He desires intimacy with us.

I have led seminars around the country in a variety of settings and in a variety of places including churches, campus ministries, Bible College campuses, and retreats.

I have led the following workshops in seminars.  A brief description of their content is given.

  1. Developing Our Spiritual Root System:  This workshop focuses on the “need” and the and the “how to” concerning developing a spiritual root system which allows God to use us in mighty ways.
  2. Listening to God:  Most people never listen to God.  They have avoided it because some people become fanatical about receiving messages from God.  God’s Word has a great deal to say about being sensitive to His Holy Spirit.  Much will be missed in a relationship with God if His people do all the talking and none of the listening.  This workshop discusses learning how to listen.
  3. Journaling for Intimacy with God:   Everyone is aware of the need to deepen our love relationship with God on a daily basis but most just never get started or know how to get started.  This workshop covers a journaling method that simply works.
  4. Spiritual Warfare:  Most Christians live each day oblivious to the spiritual war taking place around them.  God not only wants us to be aware of the war but be actively involved in it for Him.  This workshop discusses the war, our part in it, and how to recognize the war around us.
  5. Learning to Live Counter Culturally:  Our culture worships four main gods and Christians need to avoid spending time at their altars.  Joining our culture in worshipping the gods are materialism, entertainment / recreation, self-centeredness, and busyness will greatly hinder our walk with God.
  6. Fasting 101: Most Christians have never fasted and have therefore never experienced the power or the fruit from fasting.  This workshop discusses the what, why and what of fasting.
  7. Divine Appointments: Often God provides Divine Appointments for us and we miss them.  In this workshop we will discuss how to recognize Divine Appointments, what to do with them, and how to pray for them.
  8. Praying for Our Mission Fields:  Most Christians want to make a spiritual impact on their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces but do not know how or are afraid to do so.  This workshop discusses ways to impact these three “mission fields” that God has called us to change.
  9. Personal Worship:  Many of us spend most of our worship time in corporate worship with other Christians.  God also desires us to worship Him individually and personally.  This worship explains how personal worship can happen and how it can make a difference in our lives.
  10. Spiritual Solitude:  This workshop discusses what spiritual solitude is; why we desperately need it, and how do we get started.
  11. Self-Control and Self-Discipline:  Many of us may think that we may need more self-control or more self-discipline.  Actually we need more of both and we need to see how God uses both of these disciplines together to accomplish His work in us.
  12. Spiritual Leadership vs. Ministry Leadership:  Just because I have the position of a spiritual leader does not make me a spiritual leader.  Spiritual leaders lead spiritually.  All of us need to learn how to lead spiritually opposed to leading in a variety of other ways.
  13. Living in Holy Fear:  Many Christians focus on their love for God but seldom their fear of God.  Both are needed to approach God with balance.
  14. Memorization and Meditation:  Memorization mainly impacts our minds and meditation mainly impacts our hearts.  Few Christians do either and fewer Christians do both.  We need both of these disciplines to live “in tune” with God and to know Him intimately.
  15. The Significance of Total Surrender:  God has not called us to semi-surrender or even partial surrender.  Total surrender is not an option.  We must learn how to live this out daily.
  16. Pleasing or Trusting God:  Many of us Christians attempt to please God with our righteous living.  It is not going to work.  Instead we must learn how to trust Him.  We will please Him by trusting Him.
  17. “Do You Love Me?” – Jesus:  The questions that Jesus asked Peter two thousand years ago should stir our souls today.  We love representing Him, working for Him, learning about Him and so on.  The real question is, “Do we love Him?”
  18. Becoming Both a Moses and a Joshua:  Many of us invest large amounts of time and energy and money in learning how to become a better Joshua.  He is the one in the valley engaged in the conflict.  We probably need to focus on how to become a better Moses.  He is the one on the hill interceding for the Joshua in the valley.  Scripture makes it clear that Moses had a greater impact on the outcome of the battle that Joshua did.
  19. Understanding Our Approach to God:  Often in the 21st century church, we encourage people to approach God in similar ways as the religious leaders of Jesus day or even Peter before the cross or even the rich young ruler.  Jesus clearly demonstrates for us the only approach to God that actually gets us there.
  20. Subliminal Spiritual Warfare:  We will examine the life of King Saul in order to better understand the subliminal warfare associated with
    • Waiting vs. Acting
    • Humility vs. Pride
    • Obedience vs. Ignoring God
    • Purity vs. Unrighteousness
    • Surrender vs. Entitlement

Concerts of Prayer: God has really used concerts of prayer recently to bring about a brokenness that has resulted to God-led repentance and confession which is the forerunner to revival.

I have led workshops at the Michigan Christian Convention, the Eastern Christian Convention, the National Missionary Convention and at the NACC.  I have taught in hundreds of churches, on dozens of Bible College campuses, and at a variety of retreats and conferences in over 40 states and about a dozen other countries.  I believe that God has “wired” me to teach others how to know Him opposed to how to know ministry.  Ministry must flow out of my relationship with God in order for God to be greatly glorified.