Prayer, a Hedge of Protection, and a Cracked Pelvis

As some of you know, I fell down a flight of stairs in February.  I simply missed the first step which led me to miss the next fourteen.  The pain the first few days was significant.  I did crack my pelvis and pulled a couple muscles around my right hip.  I spent the first couple weeks on crutches and the next two weeks walking with a cane.

One of the things that I pray daily for me and my family (and a couple other families) is a hedge of protection.  Specifically I pray for a hedge of protection that is spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial.  If I could think of another category, I would pray that also.

We have a couple instances in the Bible where a “hedge” is mentioned.  In Job 1:10 we find Satan telling God, “Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has?” This hedge symbolizes protection.  It appears that Satan is somewhat limited on what he can do with Job.

In Hosea 2:6, God says of Israel (and I believe of Hosea’s wife Gomer), “Therefore I will block her path with thornbushes; I will wall her in so that she cannot find her way.” I have heard people suggest that praying a “hedge of thorns” around a wayward mate or child can bring them back.  I have seen such things happen.

After my fall, I bring up before God the idea that He didn’t really protect me physically.  He seemed to assure me that He did and then he softly speaks these five simple words into my brain: “It could have been worse.”

Since then, God has confirmed His short message with people telling me a variety of stories about others who have fallen down stairs and have:

broken ribs

broken their neck

broken limbs

received a concussion

needed hospital stays

or worse

So my attitude began to change from one of “complaint” to one of “gratefulness”.  I seldom consider how well God takes care of me.  In reality, God was answering my prayer for a hedge of protection by keeping me from really doing some serious damage to myself.  I now see it.

I am not trying to promote a “wellness” gospel but a “my God is in charge” gospel.  If I could have brought more glory to Him from a hospital bed, maybe I would have ended up there.  I desire to arrive at the place where “whatever God decides” is fine with me.

In the meantime, I will continue to pray for a hedge of protection.


  1. Connie Brown says:

    I prayed this hedge of thorns around myself when things are not going right and I am unsure of the direction I should be heading. I remain convinced that this prayer, combined with prayers from many others, healed my marriage, when I prayed it around my husband and I. This prayer kept me from several wrong paths. I have asked for roadblocks, too. Roadblocks that would prevent me from going down the wrong way. God has many effective ways to protect us, if we will only ask Him. God Bless you today, Dean.

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