Christian Coaching

Whether you call it Christian Coaching or Spiritual Life Coaching or simply Life Coaching, coaching focuses on walking along side of an individual as he/she lives out a relationship with God.

Coaching is not counseling.
Counseling attempts to fix something from the past.

Coaching is not mentoring.
Mentoring is sharing something with you that God has revealed to me.

Coaching is drawing out of you what God has placed in you.

God is always at work (John 5:17). He is steadfastly working in you and working in me in order to glorify Himself. Unfortunately we often miss what He is trying to accomplish in us because we are so focused on what we are trying to accomplish for Him.

Good coaches ask powerful questions instead of giving answers or direction. Most people already have the answers because of God’s work in us. They simply need to be brought to the surface and examined.

I have seen people benefit greatly from coaching in:
1. going deeper with God
2. balancing out life and ministry
3. changing jobs or professions
4. improving relationships
5. gaining control over “limiting” habits

…and a host of other areas

God is at work.

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